"So You Want to learn Online Currency Trading?"

Online Currency Trading, Great! "But just how do I get started?" That’s a question we are asked a lot. You see we have been traders for a while now and know what it takes to organize a winning trade and how to learn from a losing trade.

"Yes they do happen"

More and more people are becoming interested in taking their financial investments into their own hands. They want to feel more in control of their own future and let’s face it people don't feel like the banks are doing such a great job of late.

It's amazing just how fast interest is growing among private investors. With the ever growing array of online brokers who seem to speak a whole new language, complex charting packages and just about everyone say they have the perfect trading strategy. It's no wonder new interested traders are crying out "Just where do I start?"

We have tried various charting packages.

Traded the different time frames with, just about every different combination of indicators available in search of that "golden chalice" trading system.

There is nothing like taking your future into your own hands.

forex city

So where do you start if you want to trade the forex, we'll answer that question the best we can as we have gathered a whole bunch of information, that we will be writing about in this Web site...

  • Explain what the forex is all about
  • Absolute "must do" when trading
  • Look at the different ways to trade
  • Managing risk (a must for all traders)
  • How to use technical analysis to your advantage
  • Best brokers and places to trade (Cheap and expensive)
  • Forex terminology unzipped
  • Uncover some useful trading strategies
  • Work through the different indicators and how they might be used
  • Discover how to be successful
  • The totally unique "features" that make the forex market so exciting
  • More to come on "Successful forex traders"
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OK, enough "chatter." let’s Start...

Table of Contents

Forex history, a detailed look at what the Forex is...
The world of the foreign exchange market is a fascinating place. Here we take a look back through the history of the Forex, giving you all the background information you need to help your trading.
What makes a successful online trader
Want to be a successful online trader of Forex, stocks, commodities etc? Lets take a look at what makes a successful trader.
Trade money management
Trade money management, the key to maximizing profit and minimizing loss. Risk management.
Technical Analysis
Forex technical analysis. Learn for free how to read the forex charts and how to forecast the future direction of the market.
Using Indicators on your Forex Charts.
Using Indicators - Using Indicators on your charts for a more mathematical approach to trading. Learn how here.
Forex Trading Strategy
Having a good forex trading strategy is a must for every wannabe successful trader. Let's take a look at some basic strategies.
Spread Betting
Spread Betting is a very efficient way of trading a wide range of markets and is particularly well suited to the forex.
Forex Terminology
Forex terminology - Understanding basic forex language. If your getting a little stuck with the amount of forex terms out there, then check this out.
Trading Humour
Trading Humour. Funny quotes, jokes and humorous trading stories and if you have one why not add it to our list, you never know you might just make someones day.
Which Forex Broker should I use?
Which Forex Broker should I use? This is one of the most full and exhaustive list of brokers that you will be able to find on the internet.
The very best Trading Articles
The very best Trading Articles - Trading articles writen by traders for traders.
Forex Trading Books
Forex Trading Books - Forex Trading Books will help you perfect your trading plan and provide you with everything you will ever need to help you trade the forex.
Trading News
All the trading news that can make a difference to being successful today!
Forex Robots
Forex Robots - a forex robot is a piece of software that will automatically handle the currency trading process for you.
Forex Trading Rooms
Forex Trading Rooms - Forex Trading Rooms, it’s always better to trade along with others because they may see something you don’t and could help you get into more profitable trades.
Currency Converter
Currency Converter - Currency Converter, what is the exchange rate at the moment?
Partner Sites
Partner Sites - Other recommended trading sites that cover trading everything from commodities to currencies and the stock markets around the world.
Site Build It
Site Build It - If you have ever thought about making money online and building your own web site, then you will need to reed this.
PayPal - PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.
Trading Blog
Our Trading Blog keeps you up-to-date with all the additions and changes to our 2beanonlinetrader.com Web site. Subscribe here.
Contact Us
Contact Us - Contact us directly at 2beanonlinetrader.com for all your trading help.
About Us
About us - About us is an introduction to the writers of 2beanonlinetrader.com
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