Successful Forex Traders, Issue #003 -- Back again and this time it’s serious... 7 March 2012

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Successful Forex Trader

Issue #003, 7th March 2012

Well hello again :)

I hope we find you all well and enjoying your trading, be it Forex or any other instrument. We have been away for a while, you know how life is sometime and then before you know it time has gone. Well as the tittle would suggest ”We are back!”

We will be focusing on various different topics over the coming months as well covering what’s new on the site and highlighting to you guys some helpful resources that will help you fine tune your trading and lead you in the direction towards becoming a successful trader.

Ok so straight into it and our chosen topic for Successful Forex Trader this month is very apt as it is “keeping your eye on the goal”

Goal Setting

It is important in life to set yourself clear goals, where do you see yourself in the mid-long term? Where would you like to see yourself and how do you intend to get there?

These are all very important questions and just as applicable for a trader when it comes down to his/her trades. Direction is not just applied to the charts, "are we bullish or bearish today?” Is must also be applied to us. You see without clear direction we will end up getting nowhere fast, if that makes sense? You might taking some good trades and making some money but never actually get to the place you would like to be because you have never taken the time to be honest enough with yourself as to where that place is, or how you are going to get there. Instead you end up drifting through your trades not making much is if any clear headway.

Sound familiar? Does to me because I have just been there and it’s not as great a sense of freedom as you might think.

So time to do something about that? Well there is no better time than the present, so let’s get to it…

There are three easy to follow steps that will not bind you but will free you with the knowledge that you have and are heading towards you clearly set out goals.

1. Define your goals in detail
2. Commit your goals to writing
3. Make a conscious chose to follow those goals

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well to find out in more detail how do accomplish goal setting you should visit our page titled “Power of Clarity” I’m sure you will find it of great help and remember to set those clear defined goals and have the courage to stick with them.

What’s new at 2 Be An Online Trader?

We know that as a trader we will never stop learning. Traders are fantastic at helping one another and so this is why for the first time in 2beanonlinetrader history we have given you the opportunity to post you own articles on to the website and share you knowledge. You will be able to have your very own web page for your article and where other traders are able to post comments on them. Ever thought about having your very own presence on the internet? Well now you can and for free! Just complete the form at Your very own Trading Articles and wait to read the comments you receive in return.

Book of the month

With the theme of this month’s Successful Forex Traders, there was really only one book to recommend to you and that is Steve Pavlina ”Personal Development for Smart People. He is not a trader but a lot of the things he talks about in his book would be of great benefit to your trading life and beyond. So enjoy it and please, as always let me know what you think at

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