Successful Forex Traders, Issue #002 -- It's all about the indicators 7 March 2011

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Successful Forex Trader

Issue #002, 7th March 2011

More and more private traders are use charting software from online brokers, which over resent years have become very sophisticated. With so much written about "technical analyst" it can be slightly daunting as too which indicators to use with your charts.

With so many traders online suggesting you use this or that indicator we have decided to write a comprehensive list of charting indicators to help you understand what they are and what they measure. If you better understand that then you can use them in a more informed way, which will help you become more successful trader.

Here are some pages we have done to keep you busy until next time...

#1) ADX
ADX represents buying and selling pressure on the market.
Click here to read more about ADX

#2) Average True Range
Average True Range is a indicator of volatility measuring selling pressure and buying pressure.
Click here to read more about Average True Range

#3) Force Index
Allows you to measure the strength of buying and selling.
Click here to read more about Force Index

#4) Mass Index
Mass Index, useful for detecting trend reversals.
Click here to read more about Mass Index

#5) ZigZag
ZigZag The advantage of the ZigZag indicator is that it displays the most relevant price movements...
Click here to read more about ZigZag

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