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We are compiling an extensive library of Forex Trading Books and other materials that you will be able to draw upon to help you learn and understand trading the forex. As they say "information is power", and we believe that you can never have too much of that.

As you will know we at 2 Be An Online Trader will always stress the need for a good Forex education and to help supplement that need here are some Forex trading books that will help you getting started. They will give you a good grounding in how the Forex works and what to expect when trading.

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Topics covered include:

What The Stock Market Is All About; Market Trends; An Introduction To Forex; Understanding Currency Conversion; Understanding Statistics; Forex Volatility And Market Expectation; Aspects Of The Trade; Risk Management; Buzz Words; Expert Trading Options; Other Trading Options

Topics covered include:

Gives a clear description of the various technical indicators and tools available to trade with, as well as a clear explanation of the fundamental factors affecting each currency pair, what news and data releases to look out for, and how to combine technical and fundamental analysis. Of course, it also gives all the necessary background to the currency market, how it operates.

Topics covered include:

Guides you through the process of opening your own account as well as the actual placing and managing of currency order
Offers specific trading strategies and tactics
Includes a new chapter on Forex trading platforms
The often confusing FOREX calculations are reduced to handy computer–side tables

Topics covered include:

Forex Essentials; Analysing the Forex Market; Forex Charts; Technical Trading Techniques; Common Chart Patterns; Moving Averages; Indicators & Oscillators; Fibonacci; Trading Cycles; Advanced Chart Patterns; Time-frames; Trading Strategy; Carry Trades; and, Trading Systems.

Topics covered include:

Decimalization of stock prices; new trading products such as E-minis and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs); precision entries and exits; and the new breed of trader; A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online

Topics covered include:

Understand how global currency markets operate and how currencies are exchanged Learn why exchange rates fluctuate, from the standpoint of economics and human psychology
Open an account and become fluent in the mechanics of trading foreign exchange
Learn how to avoid getting skinned alive by trading professionals and brokers
Adapt your personality and financial circumstances to a specific approach to analysing and trading currencies
Avoid pitfalls and limit risk to prevent profit from turning to loss
Earn money and have fun trading

Topics covered include:

The basics of currency investing, from global macroeconomics to technical analysis, as well as many of the strategies that successful traders use
What goes on behind the scenes in the market; how to evaluate currency pairs and look for big opportunities; which kind of technical analyses work - and why; and, how to minimize risk through hedging with "safe" currencies
With unique trading strategies designed for investors at various levels of budget and risk

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Books for the more advanced traders
Books on various trading strategies
Books on spread betting the currency markets
Books on day trading various different markets
Digital books to download on Forex trading
DVD’s on trading the Forex markets
Other resource materials that you will find helpful

Forex Trading Robots: Some traders, especially those with busy lives are moving toward the help of one kind of forex robot or another to help automate their trading. We will look at the pros and cons here and give you an insight into many of the more widely used robots/EA and where you can find out much more if you feel there would be of some help to you.

Forex Trading Rooms: If you are truly serious about learning how to trade forex and have the desire to succeed, there are services out there that are designed to help you. They include live trading rooms where you see exactly what the professional traders are doing so you can trade along with them to make profitable trades. Whether you are a novice or an expert trader, you would benefit greatly from services like these because it’s always better to trade along with others because they may see something you don’t and could help you get into more profitable trades and more importantly, stay out of bad trades all together. Using a trading room means you will have the chance to master the trade yourself so that you will not have to always count on some automatic system.

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