So what does make for a successful online trader?

You might at this time be thinking to yourself that surely anyone could be a successful trader and in one way you would be right. You don't have to come from a certain background or have some special qualification or ability but not everyone who starts trading last very long, in fact most trader fail and why is that? Click the link for a more in depth look at why most traders fail.

Well let's start by looking at what I think is the most important, so therefore first lesson you will learn here, TRADING IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME!!!

To become a successful trader who stands the test of time, takes a lot of time, patience, persistence and screen time working and studying the charts. A profitable trader will also dedicate a lot of time to reviewing and updating his or her trading journal. You see it does not matter what you have heard or read before there are no fool proof systems out there that can guaranteed to make you money all of the time. I mean let’s face it if there were everyone would be trading and everyone would be very successful but the cold hard fact is that most people who try...LOOSE THEIR MONEY!

I see far too many people just dive into trading, with their own money, thinking everything will be fine and all will be given to them on a silver platter. Or sadly some have brought into some magical "system" believing it will all be done for them and they only have to put in very little time and effort. They hand over their hard earned money only to find that their accounts get burnt and emptied before they realize what hit them.

Not what any of us want but sadly it's what far too many of us get.

Before we go any further it's important that you know, here at 2beanonlinetrader when you become a member, it's FREE for life! Still here... well congratulations!

Without knowing it you are demonstrating one of the five characteristics of a successful trader determination, we will go into this and what we would consider to be the other four main characteristics in more depth in trading psychology.
You see there are those who dream and those who do. Do you dream of becoming a trader? Dreamers only ever dream because when hit with the reality of actually putting in the hours or faced with family or friends telling them "you can't do that"...dreamers don’t. Doers on the other hand, listen smile politely and then press on anyway with the self-belief that no matter what or how long they will be successful.

These same principles apply to all walks of life. Do you think that successful entrepreneurs get where they have by taken notice of the doubters or the top sports man/women achieve greatness worrying about the effort, time or commitment that is needed to be the best. No these are focused, driven people who like yourself DON'T GIVE UP!!!

I have come across a guy called Steve Pavlina who has writen many articles on personal growth. Although, as far as I am aware, this guy might not have anything to do with online trading I still find what he has to say about subjects such as habits, career, finances and especially ”The Power of Clarity” very interesting. So much so that I just needed to find room to post his very well written article with the same name here at 2 Be An Online Trader. I am sure you will all find it a compelling read and very applicable to how we traders should operate. Please follow this link to read more The Power of Clarity
Successful traders form habits over time that bring structure to their trading day and help them to remain stress free while others panic and make costly mistakes. How is this? We’ll let take a look at some of the good habits of a successful trader.

Have you ever felt though that traders are speaking a different language to everybody else? Forex terminology can be a little overwhelming when you first start trading the forex markets, and the same can be said about the amount of unfamiliar information out there to take in. Well now you don't have to stay in the dark any longer click the link to our own forex trading dictionary.

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