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One thing about traders is the way in which you open up and express your thoughts on how to be successful and how others could benefit from following your advice.

We, at 2Be an online trader have shared some great tips and techniques when it comes to trading the Forex and have also started to branch out into over areas where other traders choose to ply their trade.

While I love sharing my thought on trading and have written many trading articles, I loving hearing about your trading stories too.

So, I’m curious…

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Every person, trading any condition or timeframe has a memorable trade, setup or routine. We all have the ability to write a trading article. What’s yours?

Your Trading Articles

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Sovereign Wealth Funds: Signaling shift in economic gravity 
In recent years, sovereign wealth funds (SWF), amassed by different national governments, have hogged the limelight. Though there is no unanimously accepted …

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"It is far better to show you how to trade on your own, than it is for you to depend on us to tell you what to trade and when"

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