Using Indicators on your Forex Charts

Displaying and using indicators on your chart is a more mathematical approach to trading and has probably been one of the areas of technical analysis which has seen the most growth.

Most technical indicators highlight a particular aspect of price or volume behaviour which most newbie's will spend countless nights trying which ones at which settings will give them a perfect never-loss system. Indicators should be used to help but never overshadow your trading plan. Your final decision should always be based on the price chart.

When you are ready to start using indicators, select only a few, study them until you are familiar with their behaviour and then make sure they complement each other as well as your trading style/plan. Otherwise displaying them on your charts could end up confusing you or distract your attention away from what price is actually doing. There is not one single indicator that will give you great results in every different market condition, so it's important to understand what the market is doing first, we will cover the different market conditions at 2beanonlinetrader soon.

Don't worry for now if you are not sure which indicator to use or what is the best setting for your moving average. Should you be using MACD or RSI. Will using Bollinger bands improve your sex life?

Ok let face it they might help you’re trading but I don't care what setting you use the last one isn’t going to happen!!!

There are dozens or different indicators you can use and we will be looking at them here. Explaining to you what they are, what there are measuring, what they look like and where on your chart they will be displayed? We will also show you how and when they can be helpful to you.

There are some indicators that seem to have stood the test of time and so we appear to be the popular ones to use, we will start with those here soon. If you need some help on a particular indicator in the meantime please feel free to contact us directly through the contact us page. If it's near the top of our list of pages to publish we will let you know, but if not we will make sure to help you direct.

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Click on the links below to find out more on some of the other types and ways of using indicators.

Average True Range
Bollonger (on price)
Bollinger %B
CCI Divergence
Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Volatility
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Commodity Channel Index
DEMA (on price)
Detrended Price Oscillator
Directional Movement
Dynamic Value Horizontal Line (on price)
Dynamic Zone RSI
Dynamic Zone Stochastics
Ease Of Movement
Elder Ray
Force Index
Historical Voliatility
Horizontal line (on price)
Linear Regression (on price)
Linear regression Slope
Ma Weighted By Volume (on price)
MACD Divergence
MACD Rainbow
MACD Zero lag
MACD Simplified
Mass Index
Money Flow Index
Moving Average Ribbon (on price)
Negative Volume Index
On Balance Volume
Parabolic SAR (on price)
Pivot Points (on price)
Positive Volume Index
Price Oscillator
Price Rate Change
Price Volume Trend
Relative Strength (comparison)
Relative Strength Index
RSI Divergence
Smoothed Repulse
Smoothed Stochastic
Spread (Comparison)
Standard Deviation
Standard Error
Stochastic Momentum Index
Super Trend (on price)
TEMA (on price)
Vertical Line (on price)
Volume On Price Levels (on price)
Volume Oscillator
Volume Rate Of Change
Williams %R
Williams Accumulation Distirbution
ZigZag (on price)

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Bollinger Bands
Moving Average
Parabolic SAR

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